elliot !!1 <33

can also call me kin, clem, ranboo, crow, n tabbycat!!

miinor (under 15)
nb trans boy, jackdawhoarder, turkeyhoarder, n pronounflux
abroromantiic, demiisexual, n ambiiamorous

sfw age regressor (3-6, usually around 5) & age dreamer!!

ii deciided 2 just go feral. ii'm a gremliin now. /pos

ii'm neurodiivergent (not diiagnosed w n-e-thiing but iim 99% sure ii have adhd)
↳ pls use tone tags iif ya can!!

typiing quiirk: i = ii | to = 2 | for = 4 | and = n | like = liek/liiek | puttiing 1’s iin exclaiimatiion marks

ii talk iin 3rd person sometiimes!! ii'll prolly say ii am or ask iif iiits okay 2 do before ii go liike "SO THEY WERE THIINKIIN-" /ex

iinterests / liikes
(bold = current braiinrot)

  • miinecraft

  • aniimals !!!!

  • extiinct aniimals !!!! (speciifiically anciient mega fauna n diinosaurs!!)

  • kaomojii n emotiicons!!

  • drawiing, aniimatiing, art

  • kandii!!!

  • roleplayiing!!! ii started rpiing iin roblox, then tumblr, n now on diiscord!! iits rlly fun :DD

  • my bf. ii love hiim sm. /r /pos

  • cosplayiing!!!! ii absolutely loveee cosplayers !! ii wanna cosplay iin the future but ii haven't gotten there yet

  • makeup :DD ii wanna do cool makeup SOOO badly >:((( /pos

  • alternatiive fashiion!!!!! esp scene n punk!!!

  • colors. /pos

  • musiic!!! agh,, ii luv iit sm

  • gendercollectiing!!! (lookiit my hoard >:} /nf)

  • neoprns!!!! omg ii love neos sm. iif you use them iily n we need 2 be friiends rn. /p /nf

  • furbiies!!!! furbys my beloveds. long furby enjoyer here.

  • beaniie babiies

  • SQUIISHMALLOWS. ii want them all. /hj

  • stuffed aniimals iin general!!!!

  • raiinnnn <33

  • tiiktok . but the good siide /lh

fandoms ii'm iin!!
(bold = current braiinrot)

  • the dream smp (dsmp)

  • mcyt (tommyiinniit, ranboo, wiilbur soot, n ldshadowlady !!!!!!)

  • the owl house !!! (toh)

  • craiig of the creek (cotc)

  • the amaziing world of gumball (tawog)

  • sanders siides (ss) n thomas sanders

  • empiires smp

  • undertale

  • fnaf

  • harry potter (hp)

  • percy jackson (pjo)

  • buncha diifferent musiicals

  • luca

kiinniie hours >:]]]

(doubles 100% okay for all!! | bold = hiighest | all spiiriitual kiins !!)


  • you fit general dni criteria

  • anti lgbtq+

  • anti neopronouns/nounself pronouns/xenogenders/mogai

  • exclusionist (ex: a-phobe, panphobe, etc)

  • against kinning/spiritual kinning

  • have a cringe/flop blog

  • sexualize minors (including if they're fictional characters)

  • ship minors with adults (including if they're fictional characters)

  • "anti-anti" or pro-shipper

  • a part of/support poppy twitter or sexualize mcyters (especially if they are minors or have said that makes them uncomfortable.)

  • going to tell me my interests are problematic and i'm a bad person for liking them

  • fetishize peoples sexualities

  • sexualize or are against sfw age regression

  • pro-ddlg

  • use slurs you can't reclaim

  • p3dophile/map/pro-map/pear/etc or a supporter of them

  • terf, swerf, radfem, "gender critical", or "nonbinary skeptic"


  • ii make a lot of jokes, so iif u thiink ii crossed the liine pls tell me !!!

  • ii keyboard smash a lot

  • pls use tone tags w/ me (n lmk iif ii should use them w you!!)

  • ii speak wiith all caps pretty frequently

  • ii'm rlly bad at startiing conversatiions unless we have common iinterests so ii swear iim not boriing iim prolly just rlly nervous

  • pls lmk iif ii should tw/cw somethiing!!

  • diiscourse makes me rlly upset so ii miight not be actiive iif theres a ton goiing around

  • ii wiill send you piinterest memes

  • pls pls pls!!! cw viideos of tiics (seeiing others tiic makes me tiic rlly bad) /srs

  • pls dont vent to me wiithout warniing

  • ii don't use iit all the tiime, but iif you need me to translate sumthiin from my quiirk or would prefer ii not use iit bc iits hard 4 you 2 read don't b afraiid 2 ask !! /g /npa


(italic = please don't discuss | anything else is fine with cw's/tw's)

  • images of s//lf h//rm (sc//rs are fine, just not fresh injuries please)

  • the name Cooper

  • yelling/being yelled at (all caps are fine)

  • animal abuse


  • disrespecting triggers

  • tommyinnit neg (talking about tommyinnit negatively)

  • neopronoun discourse

  • animal death

  • detailed talk about or images of s//xual ass//ult and r///pe

  • the r slur & the n word

  • calling me "smol" (specific spelling)

  • bones sticking out of skin

  • imagery of broken bones (x-rays & casts are fine)

  • joints bending the wrong way